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Mr. Independent........

Updated: May 11, 2020

Meet Mr. Goose..........

He is very sweet when he wants to be, but he is protective of his territory. He does not get along with any other cats. When slowly introduced, he has gotten along with a few dogs though. He is ideal in an only animal home or one who understands a very stubborn cat He needs someone who knows about a strong personality type of cat. Those he likes and trusts, he has not bitten or threatened. He pushes your hand away or runs away to be by himself. He is a loner for sure. We all love him so much.

He is very misunderstood for sure! If you show him respect, you are good to go. He loves a good snuggle, on his own terms. Very playful and likes to jump up on high places (can jump onto the top of an 9 foot kennel easily). He is 3 years old and is current on vaccines, and neutered, and has had recent bloodwork. His previous FeLV/FIV test was negative. Any other questions, one of our Team members can answer them. I’m available for adoption now and excited to find my FurEver Home!!!!

Please Contact Arizona Animal Wellness Center if you are interested in adding Goose to your Family.

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Apr 30, 2021

Just a very late update on Goose on June 9, 2020 my wife, Helena, and I adopted Goose. he now is part of our family and his "fur"ever home. We are so very happy and lucky to have him as part of our family.

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