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Cancer is unfortunately a disease that we all need to be aware of in our pets. It can present itself in many different forms and types.

Important Pet Cancer Facts:

  • Cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease-related deaths each year.

  • Cancer is the #1 natural cause of death in older pets.

  • Dogs get cancer at roughly the same rate as humans.

  • One in 4 dogs die of cancer.

  • Over 50% of the dogs over age 10 will die of cancer.

  • Just like in humans, cancer can occur in virtually any part of your dog’s body.

  • Approximately 1 in 4 dogs develops a tumor of some kind during his or her lifetime.

  • The cause of cancer in pets, just like people, is largely unknown.

  • Common risks of obesity in pets include many forms of cancer.

  • While cancer is not as common in cats as it is dogs, it is often more aggressive.

Treatments are available for pets with cancer; if you have any questions about these treatments ask your veterinarian today!

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