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What Our Clients Are Saying

Green Eyed Cat
Dog Running in Water

Shawna A.

I was very impressed that they were able to fit us in for an emergency visit the same day I called (I had called 4 other places). Our poor pup had a swollen toe and was limping and not acting herself. We waited less than 5 minutes and they provided the best options for our budget (they even educated us on GoodRX and saved us a great amount on her prescription)! Her toe is much better and they have texted us a few times to follow up and ask how she is. Thank you so much for your outstanding care for our Ginger!

Harrison C.

Dr. Begnini is an excellent veterinarian who really cares about the animals. She also does not try to push expensive procedures and tests, but explains your options and leaves the decisions up to you author putting pressure on you. We will continue to go here for our vet needs.

Chelsea M.

I’ve been going to AAWC and seeing Dr. Mower since I first adopted my Gracie (roughly 4 years ago). Normally dogs don’t favor vets, however, the love and respect Gracie got every visit made her absolutely love going to the vet. A few months ago, my sweet Gracie became aggressively ill and I sadly had to make the decision every pet owner dreads. What was a very difficult and very emotional time for me was made so much easier by the staff at AAWC and I am forever grateful. There was no stress for my sweet Gracie girl and I was able to peacefully say my goodbyes, cry, and hold my sweet girl until I was able to pick myself back up. Thank you AAWC.

Cat in Basket

Amber L.

I will never go to another vet unless have to they are the best.. we are working our 4th year we been going to them. we have had a dog survive parvo we had a broken jaw as well a stick there a leg too many to name but amazing and fair priced great people

Tiffany H.

A huge thank you to the delightful girls up front who spoiled my girls with peanut butter! And more thanks to their vets! And supportive staff. You were all so awesome with my doggies! Helpful with the proper travel info! This was our 2nd visit, and I would refer everyone to Arizona Animal Wellness. Affordable, caring, and communication was outstanding, thank you from Vida and Charloette as well!!


Changed to this vet after my cat needed an emergency visit and this was the only place around that said they would work me in! Very clean, amazing staff! I’ve taken my Pug and my cat here and they both took a liking to the staff and the problems they were having were fixed with some medicine!

Rescue Puppy

Adam D.

Since moving to AZ we needed to find a new veterinary for our dog. Did a lot of research and decided to go to Arizona Animal. All of the staff are very friendly and all of the doctors are excellent! We are very happy we found the Arizona Animal Wellness Center and our dog is happy too!

Joy T.

Professional, compassionate staff & clean facility. I recommend this place for anyone with a working dog. I chose this place because the doctors here have history of working with service and working dogs. Our vet is very smart and sweet.

Allison W.

Staff is always very friendly and the doctors do the best to help your furry friend!! My dog has bad anxiety when going to the vet and they do the best they can to make sure she is calm and relaxed while doing her examinations!! I have had all of my pets through this vet, 4 dogs and a cat, and have used them for years! We are now down to 1 dog. Wouldn't change my vet ever!!!

Cat Stretching on Sheets

Sierra H.

Top notch veterinary clinic with staff that truly cares and communicates well. They have two vets that offer holistic care and through a rigorous holistic treatment, helped my dog to overcome Valley Fever and get completely off his pharmaceutical meds that were harming him. Another of my dogs had his neutering surgery here and it couldn't have gone smoother with the awesome vet and staff. Highly recommend, and worth the 2 hr drive round trip for me!

Ann T.

My sincere thanks to ALL of the staff at this center. We are relatively new to this area and I have a senior chihuahua who tends to flare up with allergies this time every year. After exhausting all of my other options for appointments, I came across this center online and was able to get a same day / urgent care visit. The wait was not bad at all, maybe a tad over an hour and things moved quickly once he was seen. The vet and tech were very thorough and I appreciated their gentleness with my very grumpy old man. Needless to say, I am grateful that I came across this place as the care was excellent as well as fair pricing for services we recieved. We are home, the chihuahua has stopped itching and is snoring away. Thank you to your staff for a great experience and for all that you do for our pets. Ann & “Beefy”

Tara L.

Yesterday my pup was in bad condition.  I called several other vets in the area to see her and was told they had no time. I called AZ Animal Wellness and not only did they get us in they were amazing. Everyone was polite and took great care of my Leeloo. They also didn't over charge me for her treatment even with it being an emergency. Then today they called me to see how Leeloo was and make sure she wasn't having any symptoms. I will be taking all my pets to their office from now in.

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