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Why do we choose a higher standard of care?

Choosing a higher standard of care is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of those we serve. By going above and beyond the minimum requirements, we can provide a level of service that exceeds expectations and instills trust in our clients. It also helps to mitigate potential risks and liabilities, ultimately leading to better outcomes. We want the best for every pet we see.

In 2021, Arizona Animal Wellness Center was a Finalist for AAHA Practice of the Year. It is because of those high standards that we continue to be recognized as one of the top animal hospitals, not only locally, but across the nation. 

We are passionate about the service we provide and if you want to hear more from our team, please watch the video. 


We Hold Ourselves To a Higher Standard Because Your Pet Deserves Only The Best!

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What is AAHA?

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Accreditation Process

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