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About Us
We Are A

Our History 

Arizona Animal Wellness Center is a family-owned, multiple doctor veterinary practice, two of which are practice owners. We opened our doors in December of 2004 and are fortunate to have clients travel to our hospital from all over the valley. Our hospital and team strives to offer what is best for the patients and families we serve… it is why we come to work every day. As service professionals we are committed to providing an environment that promotes teamwork, client education and service excellence. Every decision we make for our team, our clients, our patients and our business is based on our Mission Statement and our Core Values.

Our Mission 

                                                          "We serve to enrich the lives of the animal and families who love them."


We take pride in the care we provide on a daily basis. We are committed to being thorough and being available to answer all questions our clients have in regard to their pet's health care needs. We act in partnership with our clients to serve their needs and the needs of their pet. We are proud of this profession and we act with integrity and in a respectful manner toward everyone we come in contact with. All animals we care for are treated as if they were our very own.

Core Values

At Arizona Animal Wellness Center we make decisions on the basis of the following core values:

  • Service

  • Accountability

  • Respect

  • Authenticity

  • Passion

Our Commitment

Our team of veterinary professionals are highly skilled with many years of experience in veterinary medicine and patient care.  We are a family and view our clients and their animal companions as family, too. Our doctors and team enjoy working at Arizona Animal Wellness Center because of our philosophy of compassion and excellence. We pride ourselves on being able to come together for a common cause that makes a difference for our clients and our patients every day.

Our clients tell us that it’s obvious we love animals and our compassion is palpable. Our goal with every interaction is to connect with others by listening, seeking to understand, and finding common ground to create positive outcomes. Clients are appreciative of the time we take with them and that we include them in the health care decision-making process for their pets. It is important to us that we know how your pet is doing at home as well - follow up telephone calls are made by all members of our team. These calls also allow us to make sure we are doing everything we can for your pet's health care needs. In addition, it gives our clients an opportunity to give us feedback or ask questions or have reassurance that their beloved pet is on the right path.

Learn About Our Giving Tree 

Follow this link to learn more about giving back to those in need.

Our Doctors


Dr. Parva Bezrutczyk

Dr. Parva is proud to be a part of a profession that makes a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love and care for them. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona and Colorado State University. She has been practicing in the valley since 1997. Dr. Parva grew up in Connecticut and Massachusetts, where most of her family currently lives, and she misses the four seasons of New England. She graduated from high school in Katy, Texas and now calls Arizona, with all its heat and sunshine, home. She lives in a household run by several cats and dogs as well as her daughter, Skylar.

Dr. Parva enjoys practicing small animal internal and emergency medicine. Her special interests and strengths include advanced soft tissue surgery, pain management and dentistry. She also enjoys the successes and challenges that come with leading a practice and continually strives to build and grow the capacity of herself and others at Arizona Animal Wellness Center.

"I am proud to be part of a team of individuals who are passionate about providing the most advanced and compassionate veterinary care available as well as impacting others lives in a positive way. It is my hope that Arizona Animal Wellness Center is a place in which you will find an open mind, a compassionate heart and an honest friend to assist with your pet's health care needs."

Dr. Pamela Ford

Dr. Ford is a 1997 graduate of Colorado State University. She has been practicing in the valley and surrounding areas since 1997. She is an Arizona native and grew up in the Glendale area. As a teen she was very active in the Arizona 4-H program and was a member of the equine, canine and veterinary science programs. Her love and interest in companion animals and veterinary medicine was obvious at a very young age.

Dr. Ford's training at Colorado State is in traditional western medicine. However, over the last two decades, she has added to her repertoire many holistic and alternative treatment options to offer her patients. She prefers to use a blend of both traditional western medicine as well as alternative medicine to best help her patients. This is called integrative or complementary therapy. She will occasionally use a combination of traditional medicine, nutritional supplementation, herbal formulation and acupuncture to achieve the best treatment outcome. She is also certified in Companion Animal Rehabilitation.  She believes in the benefit of holistic health care and preventative medicine to promote wellness for all pets.

"Arizona Animal Wellness Center is the embodiment of its name. Our team strives to inform our clients of all health care options and stresses the importance of preventative health care in an effort to attain well being for all patients. My hope is to offer the most quality health care available and effectively and openly communicate with our clients. This will build a partnership that allows you to take an active role in the health care of your loved one."

Dr. Christi Benigni

Dr. Benigni is an Arizona native and grew up in the East Valley. At an early age she became active in animal rescue, which has both enriched and blessed her life with many wonderful adventures, including a spay & neuter project in the Galapagos Islands.

She finds great joy in practicing veterinary medicine and feels fortunate to be part of a profession that makes a difference in the lives of both the animals and the people that love them. She is very in-tune to the unique and tender role an animal fulfills in our lives and feels privileged to be allowed to help enrich and benefit that relationship. Her areas of interest are preventative health care, pain management including epidurals, behavior, and internal medicine.

"It is an honor to be a part of the Arizona Animal Wellness Center Team where everyone takes pride in their work and comes together to provide the most attentive and compassionate care for your loved ones."

Dr. John Olson

Dr. Olson was raised on the west coast in Southern California. He graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 and has been a veterinarian in Phoenix / Ahwatukee since his graduation. Dr. Olson has a passion for Surgery, Emergency and Internal Medicine, as well as specialty procedures such as Endoscopy and Ultrasonography. He lives with his fluffy and sweet dog named "Norah" and "Dodge" the African Tortoise as well as fish of all sizes and shapes. He enjoys wood working and using his hands and mind to fix things.

"My primary focus for patient care is pain management, thoroughness in care and preventing disease. I believe the foundation of any relationship with patients and their families is built on trust and open communication. I look forward to taking care of all of my patients during all stages of their lifetime at Arizona Animal Wellness Center."

Dr. Elizabeth Mower

Dr. Mower was born and raised in the Mesa/Gilbert area of Arizona. She knew that she wanted to be a Veterinarian at 5 years old. She worked in various veterinary hospitals throughout high school and college to ensure she would be able to achieve her dream. She received her Bachelors degree in Agribusiness with a specialty in Pre-Veterinary Medicine from Arizona State University in 2008. She then traveled to Grenada in the southern Caribbean where she received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from St. Georges University in 2012. She has been practicing in Arizona since that time.

"I have enjoyed the journey from school to practicing medicine and have learned a lot in a short time. I feel that client communication is the key to earning the trust of clients who then give me the honor of treating their furry family members. The cases I enjoy most include internal medicine, dermatology, and dentistry. I love all animals... Cats with all their curiosities are my passion. In my spare time I enjoy movies, music, and hanging out with my cat."

Dr. Sarah Ripperger

Dr. Sarah grew up in the rainy but lush terrain of the Pacific Northwest where her passion for animal care blossomed from early childhood.  Her desire to pursue this love took her to Humboldt State University in Northern California for college where she graduated with a double major in Biology and Zoology and a minor in Chemistry while playing intercollegiate softball. The start of her graduate schooling landed her in St. George University, Grenada where a year later she transferred to Oklahoma State University and graduated in 2014. After graduation, she moved back west and made Arizona her new home to provide veterinary care. Dr. Sarah's passion lies in preventative medicine, education, surgery, internal medicine and ultasonography. She lives with her two active dogs, Arya, a Malinois mix and Addison, a Weimaraner, along with her fluffy cat Boca. She enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with friends and loved ones, and watching sports. "I am honored to be able to help give a voice to the voiceless. My dedication in veterinary medicine is to help enrich the lives of the four legged companion within your family. I strive to combine providing the best medicine with the highest level of compassion and support throughout your pet's life."

Dr. Nicole Schwinkendorf

Dr. Nicole is a Seattle native and has always been drawn toward the desert.  She is happy to call Arizona home. She finished her undergraduate degree in Engineering-Physics at Westmont College in 1991, and returned to veterinary school 22 years later.  She is grateful to have the opportunity to combine the compassion she feels toward animals and their caregivers with her problem-solving background.


As an avid runner for over 40 years, Nicole understands the value of optimal nutrition and exercise. She is passionate about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), which she studied at the Chi Institute for TCVM in Florida, and is very excited to offer this approach to patients at the AAWC.  Nicole is also passionate about the many facets of end-of-life care.  She managed the Pet Loss Hotline at Washington State University, and believes that helping clients work through the grief of losing a beloved pet is an important aspect of her role as a veterinarian.


Nicole shares her home with a beautiful three-legged senior cat named Kassie.  She loves being able to go trail-running within the same vicinity that also offers great art and vegan dining.  She very much looks forward to meeting you and your animal companions!

Dr. Ashley Kerns

My parents currently live in Tucson, AZ. My older sister lives in Iowa and is a collegiate soccer coach. My partner, Kristen, and I just moved to Phoenix with our two dogs, Ludo and Rousey, and our cat, Everly. My goals are to provide the best patient care while developing relationships with my clients and patients. Personally, I would love to learn sign language some day. When not taking care of patients I enjoy painting, hiking, kayaking, soccer, streaming TV. 

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Our Team


Arizona Animal Wellness Center has a compassionate, friendly and professional team that are from throughout the Valley of the Sun. The commitment to client service, highest standards and compassionate care runs strong throughout our hospital from our doctors, veterinary technicians and assistants, receptionists and hospital management. The basis of our care is founded upon our core values of safety, teamwork, compassion, service excellence, honesty, integrity and advanced veterinary health care for your pet.

Our team members have a high level of education coupled with many years of experience in the veterinary field. We have eight certified veterinary technicians and all the members of our team share our commitment to advanced learning and increasing our knowledge of veterinary care.

Arizona Animal Wellness Center was named Veterinary Health Care Team of The Year in the state of Arizona for 2007-2008, by the Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona, whose goal is to create cohesive veterinary support teams that function at a high level of excellence. The Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona encourages continuing education, interpersonal communication, client education, community service and networking within the profession. It is our pleasure to incorporate these qualities into our hospital and services.

Each team member is committed to the highest standards of care while ensuring compassion and safety for every pet. Our goal is to educate and provide the needed information, so that our clients are able to make the best health care decisions regarding their pet's health, happiness and wellness care. Including our clients in all health care decisions for their pet is always our goal.

The Team at Arizona Animal Wellness Center is here to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners - we are proud to be a part of a profession that can make a difference every day.

Francisco - Hospital Administrator

Coming Soon........

Adam - Chief of Operations

Adam has been part of the team at Arizona Animal Wellness Center since 2006. He is a native to Arizona, and while he did spend some of his childhood in Colorado, he spent most of his later childhood years in Parker, AZ. Adam started his career in veterinary medicine at the age of fourteen working with his grandfather who was a veterinarian going on farm calls. At the age of seventeen he worked as a veterinary technician at his uncle’s veterinary practice. Adam has had the opportunity to mentor and work alongside numerous great veterinarians but has ultimately decided to call Arizona Animal Wellness Center his home. Adam is an avid outdoors-man and enjoys mountain biking, camping, hiking, and spending time with his family. He and his wife have a four-year-old son along with two Sphynx cats and two dogs. Adam aspires to continue his career in veterinary medicine by assisting in the growth and development of his peers and teammates to create not only an exceptional place to work but an extraordinary place to bring your pets and family members.  

Tiffany - Inventory Manager & Administrative Assistant

Tiffany started out her career in the Auto industry for 10 years. Times changed and so did her passion. She worked hard to get her Veterinary Assistant Certificate at Pima Medical and graduated at the top of her class. From there she applied as an Animal Care assistant with AAWC where she has been happily employed for almost 7 years. Tiffany has worked her way up from an animal care assistant to her present roll as an administrative assistant and AAWC’s Inventory Manager. She shares her home with Alexis Paisley a 3 year old Maltipoo,  Lola a 7 year old Min Pin/Chihuahua and Winchester a 16wk old Maltipoo. Her hobbies include Singing (she has a beautiful voice that can calm the nerves of some of our most shy patients), Movies, Crafts, Baking and spending time with her family.

Samantha - ​Director of Team Development, CVT

Samantha has been in the veterinary field for over 25 years. She was going to school to be a veterinarian but once she got into the field she realized being a technician was much more fulfilling.  She got her CVT and is so blessed to have a career that she is passionate about.  She has 2 dogs a rotti-hound cross and a chihuahua who runs the show.  She has been with her husband Mike for 30 years and have 2 grown daughters, 1 grandson and a granddaughter on the way.  Outside of work she is very active in her church and community.

Linda- ​Client Patient Advocate

Linda has always loved animals and is new to the veterinary industry. She has over 18 years of Client Relations Experience. She grew up in Orange County,  California and moved to Arizona three years ago. She has been married for 21 years and has a teenage son. Her family consist of an 8-year-old Golden Retriever named Sasha and a nine-month-old Mix Rat Terrier named Mojo. She loves to spend time with her family and go on new adventures. Her interest are cooking, wine tasting, reading crime fiction, collecting old cook books and the NBA.

David - Client Patient Advocate

David does not know what drew him into the Veterinary Field but it sure has been fun and interesting. David has been in the Veterinary field 30 years and has enjoyed every day of it. He went to school at the Aylesham College of Knowledge in England. Over the years David has gone to many "Continuing Educations" courses to help further his career. David and his wife have 4 children, 7 grandchildren and lots of pets. On his spare time David loves to spend time with his family and work on his awesome photography skills. 

Stacey - ​Client Service Representative/ Administrative Support

I have worked in customer service most of my life yet this is my first position working in the veterinary field. I love the way AAWC takes care of my babies which is why I just had to join the team. My husband and I have 4 fur babies at home. In my spare time I enjoy shopping, being at home with my family, hanging with friends, and going to the beach. My goal is to make someone smile everyday :)

Nikki - Client Service Representative Manager

After working in the NASCAR industry for over 8 years Nikki wanted a change and her love for animals brought her into the veterinary field.  She started her veterinary career in 2010 in a small family owned veterinary clinic in Charlotte, NC. She relocated to Arizona in January 2012 to be closer to her family and started her career at AAWC in May of 2012.  She is a mom of 2 crazy two legged boys and one four legged fur daughter, Cooper.  She strives to make a difference each day for AAWC's clients and their pets. She's called AAWC home since 2012 and cannot imagine working anywhere else.

Shelly - Client Service Representative, CVT

Shelly loves all the different avenues that veterinary medicine can provide in the pursuit of excellence in care for animals. She grew up in So Cal and hung out with friends at Huntington and Newport beach, ran cross country, played soccer and excelled in shot put in track and field. She has been married for 28 years, and is a mother and a grandmother.  She enjoys swimming, gardening, playing with her 3yr old golden-doodle, Carl, and making jewelry. She has been with AAWC since 2009 and plans to always be here. 

Shelly’s words of wisdom :  You have full control of what happens in your life;  remember that it falls on you and only you to change what you don't like.  Enjoy EVERYTHING and every moment while you can... its your choice.  

Jane - Client Service Representative

Coming Soon.....

Georgeanne - ​Client Service Representative

Coming Soon.....

Emily - ​Client Service Representative

Emily's love for animals started at a very young age.  Emily has been with AAWC since 2016 and has the opportunity to grow and learn new things everyday. She has 5 large dogs, Mossy Oak, 6yr old chocolate lab. Camo, 5 year old Pit, Bear, 5 year old American Bully, Cabella 5 year old pit mix and Diesel, 8 month old pit mix.  Her hobbies include camping, hiking, cooking, watching netflix, traveling and hunting. 

Lacey - ​Client Service Representative

Lacey has worked in the veterinary field since 2007 and has been at AAWC since 2012. She loves building bonds with every pet that comes through the door and the families that love them. She has a husband and son along with 2 dogs, Cricket an English Springer Spaniel and Stoli a Doberman mix.

Leah - ​Client Service Representative

My love of animals brought me to this field in 2010. I am a certified veterinary assistant and have worked in many areas of the hospital throughout my career. I share my life with my husband, son, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses. My hobby is everything to do with horses! 

Egypt - ​Client Service Representative

Egypt has had a passion for animals since she was a little girl growing up in Chicago. She received her veterinary assistant certification in 2012 and has been in the veterinary field ever since starting General Practice Emergency as well as in Behavioral Medicine. She is a cat mom to 3 Tigger, Abu, and Mowgli. She loves to travel, cook and spend time with her family. Moving to Arizona was a big leap and accomplishment for her and her fur babies and she is so excited that she did it. 

Karen - ​Client Service Representative

Coming Soon.....

Samantha W - ​Client Service Representative

Sam joined our customer service team in 2019 and has a Bachelor's degree in Business Legal studies and a minor in psychology. She joined the AAWC because of her absolute love for animals and their families. She has four wonderful dogs and is getting married in February of 2020! She enjoys dog sports, shopping, hiking, and working out.

Jaci - ​Client Service Representative

Coming Soon.......

Lindsey - Client Service Representative

Lindsey is currently going to CGCC, and has completed her Vet Assistant Certificate through EVIT. During this time she has also worked as an intern as a 'vet tech' for over 230 hours. I started a career in this field because animals don't get all the love that they deserve so working with them on a daily basis will help ensure that I can help take care of them. My current goals are to graduate from CGCC with my associates degree with a future goal to go to school and become a Veterinarian.  One day I would like to own a practice as well as an animal sanctuary to rescue large and small animals from horrific conditions. In my spare time I enjoy going on road trips and camping with my dogs. Basically anything that involves my dogs.

Erica - Certified Veterinary Technician

I have had a love of animals for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school I started working as a kennel assistant and was hooked. I attended Ridgewater Technical College in Minnesota and graduated with my AAS degree as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2000. I worked in a mixed animal practice in my home town of Owatonna, Mn until 2004 when I moved to Steamboat Springs. CO. Throughout my 9 years in Colorado I worked in a small animal practice, did relief work at an emergency clinic in Aspen, CO and worked with a specialist in Veterinary Orthopedics. I learned so much in the time I work with Dr Erick Egger, scrubbing into surgeries, educating clients on the orthopedic procedures performed on their pets and managing Dr Egger's mobile orthopedic business. My husband and I moved to Gilbert,AZ in 2012 and I began working for Eye Care for Animals in Phoenix. This was another amazing specialty I was able to be apart of in my technician career. We welcomed our son in 2013 and I was blessed to stay home with him for 8 months before going back to work at a small animal practice in Gilbert. I started working at Arizona Animal Wellness Center in February of 2015 because I was looking for a more challenging environment with opportunity for growth. My passion is dentistry and educating clients on oral health. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son exploring Arizona, camping, biking or anything outdoors. We have 2 furry family members, Simon and Elsie who are 15 year old domestic short hair cats. 

Chelsea - Certified Veterinary Technician

Chelsea has been in the veterinary industry for 12 years. She started as a receptionist, and became a Certified Veterinary Technician 8 years ago. Chelsea has been with Arizona Animal Wellness Center since 2012.  Her level of detail and compassion for excellence in veterinary care is unsurpassed.  We are proud of her growth in the field of veterinary medicine and grateful for the difference she makes in the lives of others.   

Juliana - Certified Veterinary Technician

Juliana has been in the Veterinarian field for 12 years. She is a Certified Veterinarian Technician and has her Associates degree in Animal Science. She is excited to have a job she enjoys and is very passionate about. She has lived in Arizona her whole life and doesn't ever plan on leaving. She has been married to her husband Ryan for 12 years and has 4 amazing kids Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, and Lyric. They also have two cats Ella and Zane! 

Katie - Veterinary Technician

Coming Soon.....

Jamie W - Veterinary Technician

My decision to return to school and become a Veterinary Technician was inspired by the loss of three of my beloved animals within nine months. After a decade of working as an academic advisor for various universities, I realized I was not following my passion and took the plunge to make a career change. I recently completed my Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology at Mesa Community College and am in the process of preparing for my board exams to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I share my life with my husband and our two rescue Boxers, Zinc and Bohannan and our rescue kitty Mosie.  In my spare time I enjoy relaxing with my family, reading and cooking. I am passionate about rescue work and was very involved with Boxer Luv Rescue prior to returning to school. I hope to resume volunteering, including hospice fostering. My animals are my inspiration for the work I do every day. It is a privilege to care for the animals that come through our doors, and I promise to love and care for your loved ones as I do my own.

Natalie - Veterinary Technician

Coming Soon.....

Ashley - Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley has always loved working with animals and started at a veterinary clinic while in high school. She has a BS is in Animal Science from U of A and earned her CCRVN through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.  She has two Labradors, Lulu and Keegan, who she rescued from the Emergency Animal Clinic when they were just tiny pups. Some of her other passions include Pilates, traveling, hiking and running. 

Ashley is very passionate about service to others and her community.  She’s has been selected as a Wild Keeper with "Keep It Wild"!   Keep It Wild is a locally-based volunteer organization that promotes keeping nature safe in their natural environment through several community clean ups per month all around Arizona (....and now the country!).  She also started her year with a two week "All Hands and Hearts" volunteer trip to Aransas Pass, Texas as part of their continued Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Her time in Texas was indescribable and she plans to make time every year to volunteer.

Sabrina - Veterinary Technician

Sabrina has been in the veterinary field since 2016. Her professional goal is to become a CVT and specialize in either behavior or anesthesia. She recently just got married, their family consists of a mini pig, four Chihuahuas, and various reptiles. She has been a vegan-vegetarian for several years. She plans on working at AAWC for a long time!

Dani - Veterinary Technician

I have never worked in a veterinary hospital (or even the veterinary field for that matter) prior to going to school 2 years ago. I applied for a position as a technician here at AAWC after my externship for Veterinary Assistant in May 2017. Since then, I have recently graduated the Veterinary Technician program from Pima Medical Institute with an Associates Degree in September of 2018. These past 2 years feel like they have flown by - I am so grateful for everything I have learned (and currently still learning) from working here. Prior to PMI back in 2010, I graduated from EVIT with a certification in dental assisting. I worked as a dental assistant/hygiene assistant for close to a year while I was working towards becoming a dental hygienist. As you can tell, that didn't happen due to circumstances in life, but I can honestly say that oral health and hygiene are still a passion of mine. At some point, I think it would be amazing to be able to incorporate oral health and veterinary medicine more into my life/work. When I am not at work, you can find me spending time with my family - Tim, Alyvia (our 3-year old daughter), Remi (our Black Lab/Greyhound mix), and Havoc (our Border Collie).

Elena - Veterinary Technician

Coming Soon.....

Vanessa - Veterinary Technician

Vanessa has been a technician since 2011. She started her love for helping others with an externship at Colorado Mesa University. It was a mixed animal hospital so she dabbled in farm calls with cattle, horses, and alpacas. She scrubbed in to her first surgery and assisted in an equine surgery - She was hooked after that. She played varsity soccer and club rugby during that time as well. She was about to enter the Army as a medic and pursue a career as a veterinarian when her childhood best friend walked back into her life. He was deploying to Afghanistan and she decided her life would take a different path. Here she is 8 years later a technician with passion in emergency, surgery, and ultrasound. She's been working along side Dr. Sarah (Current DVM at AAWC) for over 3 years and she had a huge role in helping Vanessa become the tech she is today! She's been married to her husband Chris for 5 years and who is a firefighter for Tempe.  They also just had their first son, Jameson. She rides and competes on her off the track thoroughbred Atticus in hunter/jumpers. She gives a huge shout out to her loves - the family's German shepherds, Scout and Rooney!”

Hannah - Veterinary Technician

Hannah has worked in the vet field since 2015. She joined AAWC through her Internship with East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) in the Vet Assisting program. She has pursued a career in the veterinary profession due to a love for medicine and an insatiable need to care for pets. She is currently enrolled in Penn Foster, an online college and is in pursuing her Veterinary Technician degree. She is also taking classes at Chandler-Gilbert CC for an Associate in Science with plans to transfer to ASU for a bachelor in Biological Sciences as well as, applying to nursing school with CGCC/ASU to get a BSN.  With all this medical knowledge she plans to make a difference to others. She loves all creatures big and small. As pets go, she has 2 dogs (pictured), 1 cat, 1 bearded dragon, 1 ball python, and 1 rose hair tarantula. 

Michelle - Veterinary Technician

Michelle has always had a passion for animals and was naturally drawn to working in the veterinary field. After deciding in 2006 to attend school for Veterinary Assistant, she began working as a technician shortly after. Working full-time, she still graduated with her Associates Degree in Medical Office Management in 2007. Michelle has 4 children (3 of whom are teenagers) & her own four-legged hoard includes: 1 border collie, Molly; 7 cats, Smokey, Baby, Domino, Sunny, Kisses, Butters, Mandy; 1 Bearded Dragon, Ruby; 2 Rosy Bourke Parakeets, Romeo & Juliet. She & her family enjoy traveling, rock-hounding, chasing desert storms, and having fun conversations with people & each other. 

Cassie - Certified Veterinary Technician

Coming Soon.....