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Behavior Training

While we at Arizona Animal Wellness Center are not able to offer behavioral training at our facility, we do believe in the benefits of proper training. Trainers can teach your pets how to show off their talents and intelligence. In addition, they can help your dogs overcome separation anxiety, barking, not coming when called, or potty training. Your cats can be helped with scratching, litter box, and training issues.

When training is coupled with a loving dose of patience and understanding, you’ll have a well-behaved pet that will make you proud. Remember, punishment doesn’t work with pets. Praise and positive reinforcement are always the keys to success.

Arizona Animal Wellness Center Recommends the following local trainers:

Pete & Mac’s

321 E. Elliot Road
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Master’s Kennels

17309 S. 144th St.
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Kokopelli Dog & Puppy Training

857 W Natal Ave
Mesa, AZ 85210
(480) 839-3118

Dr. Kelly Moffat DVM
Mesa Veterinary Hospital

Click & Treat
By Gary Wilkes

Be Kind to Dogs
By Kathrine Breeden

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