We Are A Family-Run Veterinary Center

Our History

Arizona Animal Wellness Center is a family-owned, four-doctor veterinary practice, three of which are practice owners. We opened our doors in December of 2004 and are fortunate to have clients travel to our hospital from all over the valley. Our hospital and team is dedicated to patient and client service as well as providing wellness care and the best health care for every pet… it is why we started this hospital and it is why we come to work every day. The doctors are committed to providing an environment that promotes teamwork, client education and service excellence. Every decision we make for our team, our clients, our patients and our business is based on our Mission Statement and our Core Values.

Our Mission

"Arizona Animal Wellness Center is committed to providing the most advanced and compassionate care available and the highest quality of customer service in an effort to improve the lives of companion animals and their families."

We meet this promise by taking pride in the care we provide on a daily basis. We are committed to being thorough and being available to answer all questions our clients have in regard to their pet's health care needs. We act in partnership with our clients to serve their needs and the needs of their pet. We are proud of this profession and we act with integrity and in a respectful manner toward everyone we come in contact with. All animals we care for are treated as if they were our very own.

Core Values

At Arizona Animal Wellness Center we base our care on the following core values:

  • Safety
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Service Excellence
  • Highest Standards of Veterinary Care

Our Commitment

Our team is highly trained with many years of experience in the veterinary field and we strive to base all decisions on the core values we have committed to. Many of our clients tell us that we appear to work well as a team. We are a family and view our clients and their animal companions as family, too. Our doctors and team enjoy working at Arizona Animal Wellness Center because of our philosophy of compassion and excellence. We pride ourselves on being able to make a difference for our clients and our patients every day.

Our clients tell us that it’s obvious we love animals and that we often exceed their expectations. This is our goal with every interaction with our clients and their pets at every level of care. Clients are appreciative of the time we take with them and that we include them in the health care decision-making process for their pets. It is important to us that we know how your pet is doing at home as well - follow up telephone calls are made by all members of our team. These calls also allow us to make sure we are doing everything we can for your pet's health care needs. In addition, it gives our clients an opportunity to give us feedback or ask any questions that they might have.